Understanding UML Class Diagram Part 2

Example that goes through making a UML class diagram from simple problem statement

Baraa Abuzaid
Understanding UML Class Diagram Part 2

This is a follow up to my last tutorial Understanding UML Class Diagram so if you missed it please check it out first. Here will be going through a problem statement and try to formulate a UML Class diagram. This example will further reinforce the concepts that have been covered so far. And make you a UML class diagram ninja!


So here is the Problem statement:

You have just been hired to design a system for all North American airports. Create a UML class diagram that will communicate with your clients how you will organize the different classes in the system.

The following description was given to you by your clients.

There are multiple airports all over North America. The airports each have their own an assigned unique ID. Each airport has multiple Airlines and each airline has different types of planes, pilots and staff members. The planes each have an associated plane number and model number. Each airline has planes assigned to flights to different destinations for certain dates. Each of these flights have a flight ID number and the locations of departure and arrival. Customers are able to book these flights and will be given a ticket with their ticket number and seating number. All staff should have an assigned employee number and each pilot should provide their pilot licence number in the system. All persons in the system should have their fullname and an ID number

Create a UML class diagram to represent this information.


So here is possible solution 



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