Fixing React Native Error Failed to install the app

Fixing react native unable to launch android emulator error

Baraa Abuzaid
Fixing React Native Error Failed to install...

One of the things that you may dislike about react native is this kind of mysterious errors that popup from time to time. Where anything works in harmony and suddenly you encounter

error Failed to install the app. Make sure you have the Android development environment set up

And I can swear to you that my Android development environment was all set correctly because seconds ago everything was perfect!
So only if you can swear like me that your android development were setup, then feel free to continue with this solution.
Otherwise, you may checkout setting up the development environment Article on

#So what you can do is to

  • Remove node_modules
  • Install node_modules again at project root
npm install
  • Move to android folder
cd android
  • Run the following commands to give gradlew file permissions
chmod +x ./gradlew
xattr -l ./gradlew
  • Skip this step if you already have Homebrew install in your Mac
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  • Now come the most important step. Which is installing ADB platform-tools
brew cask install android-platform-tools
  • Close your terminal then reopen it again and run following command at your project root.
npx react-native run-android

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