Moving Map Under Marker Like UBER: Maps SDK for Android

Moving Map Under Marker Like UBER: Maps SDK for Android

Here we'll implement a draggable map with a fixed marker on top. that's only change when moving the map just like UBER.

Baraa Abuzaid
Baraa Abuzaid
Moving Map Under Marker Like UBER: Maps SDK...

Uber is a nice and features rich App, here in this tutorial we’ll implement a feature on it that is very useful. In particular, moving the map under the marker which is UBER and many other ride  sharing Apps have in common. But first, why this might be a useful feature. simply because it is very intuitive as compared to marker drag and drop. As well as such a feature is kind of self-explanatory. Users intuitively could select and unselect certain location. Making your App user-friendly and that’s exactly a kind of thing that you’ll always want to have.
So without further ado lets jump right into the code. but before we go further you need to ensure that you have setup google map correctly and you are able to see google map in your Activity. and for that, you might need to check out google maps documentation.

Now let’s have a look at how our end result should look like. As you can see when you move or drag the map around, the marker is appeared to be responding, it moves while the map is moving and when you stop at a certain point the marker will instantly drop at it. All that without holding the marker drap and drop. This happens with a simple scroll through the map.


Basically, we need a RelativeLayout contains centered ImageView and Maps fragment. When we move the map around we’ll clear the map’s marker then display our ImageView marker. subsequently, when the map movement stops we’ll add a map’s marker in the position of the ImageView. Then hiding the ImageView.

Futhermore, let’s get started with xml file.


    <fragment xmlns:android=""

As you might already notice, we have RelativeLayout that contains google map fragment  in addition to ImageView that positioned centered android:layout_centerInParent="true" and it has a marker shap android:src="@drawable/location_pin_up"

Second, we need to respond to the following map events in onCreate setOnCameraMoveListener() setOnCameraIdleListener() . you may then consider   initializing GoogleMap like below. and don’t forget to implement GoogleMap.OnCameraMoveListener GoogleMap.OnCameraIdleListener in your MainActivity or in whatever activity or fragment that has GoogleMap fragment.

fun mapInit(googleMap: GoogleMap){
        googleMap.apply {
            // just a random location our map will point to when its launched
            val klcc = LatLng(3.1579513, 101.7116233)
            addMarker(MarkerOptions().apply {
                title("Marker pointed at klcc")
            // setup zoom level
            // maps events we need to respond to 



Finally, we could simply implement the setOnCameraMoveListener and OnCameraIdleListener like this.

override fun onCameraMove() {
        // display imageView 
        imgPinUp?.visibility = View.VISIBLE
    override fun onCameraIdle() {
        // hiding imageView 
        imgPinUp?.visibility = View.GONE
        // customizing map marker with a custom icon 
        // and place it on the current map camera position 
        val markerOptions = MarkerOptions().position(




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    Akshay Nakhawa

    Nicely done. Thank you

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      happy to help 🙂

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